Friday, June 26, 2015

Basic Fact Test

In my basic facts today I didn't do that well because I got    most of them wrong and I took for long .  next time I will try harder for next time study on groupings within 100 so I can try harder to make it ten out of ten.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Virtue Tree

Palm Sunday

Image result for palm sunday jesus\

Palm Sunday is when Jesus entered Jerusalem and people laid down palms and some people even wave palms for Jesus and his donkey to walk on to town. I think Mrs Tui  talking about Jesus is making is kind of True  and false because at the time he was showing off he is telling the crowd that he is the  messiah, and the son of god.

What is prayer

1. What is prayer? - prayer is when you talk to God about your feeling’s or thanking him for everything.

2. How do we pray? - You do the sign of the cross then you put your hands together and close your eyes then you can start praying to God after you finish praying,you say amen.

3. what stop us from praying? - The things that stop me from praying is someone being noisy also when i pray i get tired.

Dear God

Thank you for this lovely day thank you for all the things you created, thank you for watching over my family, Thank you for watching over my parents at work while where at school Amen.  

Trip to Tonga!!!

On 31 of December 2014 Me and my family all went to Tonga for a holiday. Once we got on the plane we waited about 3 hours. After we hopped out we headed inside the airport for our ID after about 20 minutes we got to pick our stuff out of the machine  then we got out once we exit the airport i felt so hot but on the side of me was my family they got so surprised once we got to the front of the airport once we saw them they helped  us to carry our stuff to our vehicle soon later we waited for my parents to come out..

After that we got into a big van that was hired for me and my family too use well were in Tonga Once we got in we went to town to get an freezer once we got it, We finally went home. “When I was in the van I was so hot and i kept asking if we were their. Once we got home i felt very happy because their was a lot of children that was playing next we headed inside to put our stuff in the house we lived in was a flat house once we took our stuff in we had lunch the lunch we had was so different to New Zealand food, The food we ate was islands food once we finish eating we got to watch our children do their item for any special occasion later on I got changed for new years mass once i got ready we headed off to mass the mass we went too was an catholic ....

Mother’s Day Descriptive Writing

My mum is the most important thing in my life. She is always there when I need help but now I'm a grown boy.  My mum is short and skinny and her hair is coloured in blonde like Goldilocks.

My mum is like an angel that protects me from danger.  She is a funny woman. She takes me to my training every Monday like a taxi that doesn't need to pay.  Every night she will wake up and get ready for work in the middle of the night like an Kiwi.

A Chance to go to St Franciscan Retreat Centre

Thursday 20 May, I woke up to a lovely calm morning, nervous as a wreck because I have to face the music at midday for the interview at Sacred Heart.  First things first, interview then Class Retreat.  

During the interview it was challenging with all the questions that I have to answer.  I was surprised that it was a rather short interview.  Although I was nervous if I will be picked but by the end of the interview I felt confident with my answers.

The St Franciscan Retreat centre was calm and peaceful.  The learning for me was to have good leadership skills.  I forced me to learn to be a good role model.  It also gave me the opportunity to be creative with mind and hands.

Friday, June 19, 2015

My Gift From God

Today in R.E we  created an Google Draw and wrote about what our special gift that God gave us. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Prayer To The Holy Spirit

Dear Holy Spirit
Please come in
to our hearts and teach us how
to be like Jesus and follow his

Holy Spirit
Please help me to be courage  and to
know what is wrong and right.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am Daivd

This a picture of David looking for  the bundle

ANZAC Silhouette Painting

This term my class as been painting and silhouette picture based on Anzac day. To remember all does who died on ww1 and 2  and we painted an sunset sene.