Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Touch training

I am looking forward to Touch because I love playing Touch for kiwisport, it is fun.

I am expecting to learn more good moves in Touch and having fun and enjoying it too.

We are doing it so we know how to play Touch when Touch NZ goes away to another school in the cluster.

I will see some Touch guys at the field waiting for us to play.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Saint Patrick

Manaiakalani film feastival 2013

On 13th of November the whole Cluster of Manaiakalani went to Sylvia Park to the Hoyts to watch the movies that we made. When we got there it was only our school and G.I school that were watching in our session. When we got inside to sit down it we saw Patrick and Alecia go up to present our movie that we did in room3.

When the movie started I got excited. After our movie there were some movies from other schools then it was our school again. Simione & Leki went up and  presented Room 6’s movie on the stage at the hoyts. Everybody clap and cheered and shouted.

The next movie was Pt England, they did a movie about the Haka and how it all began. Some children from other schools came and presented their movies to the from Glen Innes school and St Patrick’s school.

After watching all the movies the lights went back on and then we had to walk out of the hoyts where we watched movies. We walked straight ahead and we had to go on the bus with room 7, room 3 and room 4. We were squashed in the bus and when we got back we went up to school and we had little lunch then we had to go to class to do reading.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prompt practise 4

Once upon a time there was an animal named Stoney and it/he was in trouble because other people were going to hunt him. Stoney went up the tree and he found a friend sitting there his name was Tony. He was crying because the people were hunting down all the animals in the forest and it was only Tony and Stony their/there. They stayed up the tree until the people went away. When they went down Tony and Stoney ran away from the people. Tony and Stony found a spot from the hunting. The hunters heard one of animals and it was Tony playing. Tony ran back to Stoney and they frighted/fought all the people who wanted to kill them. When there/they went all the people ran away from the forest and that was the end.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Prompt Practice 2

Once upon a time there was a man who went to the beach for a swim and he loved going to the beach and his name was.

John when he went people did not like going to the beach because it didn't look clean because other. Strangers didn’t take their rubbish so they leaved it in the. Sea water and one day John took all the rubbish in the afternoon and then people went to the.

Beach and everybody was happy when the beach water was clean. People came with their children to for a big long swim in the beach after that a whole crowed of people was so excited to and that was the end.