Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prompt practise 4

Once upon a time there was an animal named Stoney and it/he was in trouble because other people were going to hunt him. Stoney went up the tree and he found a friend sitting there his name was Tony. He was crying because the people were hunting down all the animals in the forest and it was only Tony and Stony their/there. They stayed up the tree until the people went away. When they went down Tony and Stoney ran away from the people. Tony and Stony found a spot from the hunting. The hunters heard one of animals and it was Tony playing. Tony ran back to Stoney and they frighted/fought all the people who wanted to kill them. When there/they went all the people ran away from the forest and that was the end.  

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Miss G said...

This is a good problem Christopher, however, you really need to watch where you put your fullstops and capital letters.

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