Monday, February 18, 2013

Silly Story

Once upon a time there was kid named Gingerbread man. He was walking around the street then he went with a man called Tony who said to the gingerbread man “I will take you to the shops” and the gingerbread man ran to a place
called Library.

Gingerbread man walked all the way out the back door then he saw a hole so he went in and he saw money. Gingerbread man kept walking then he saw some kids walking past then he went in a shop and saw men running around. Gingerbread man went in a car but he ran out of gas so he got out the car. Gingerbread man ran to the library and saw two man at the library looking at the door.

After that Gingerbread man went to the back door and the two looked at gingerbread man as he ran to a cave. It was dark so Gingerbread ran back.

He saw a book that was from the library so he opened it and fell inside the book.

He saw heaps of people. He went in a house and found money and gold, picked it up and went outside.

Gingerbread found treasure and he also saw a box in the middle of the treasure he opened the box and there was money in a roll and Gingerbread man took it and jumped out of the book and was back at the library. Gingerbread man went back home with his treasure.

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