Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kids for kids

Last Friday we went on a bus to the Life Convention Centre for the kids for kids and we had 15 other schools that came too. We saw Mrs Carter with another school. We had to sing 20 songs and we had to sit down with other schools. We sat down at the bottom with another school, it was a lot of kids.

On top of the stage all the little kids from other school had to sit on top. And we had two adults that sang with us and it  was Jackie and Nathan they were good singers. When we sang some of the songs we had a break and every schools got to go and have something to eat before they come back to the stage and  finish off the rest of the song.

After we finished all the songs we got ready to come back to school on the bus, it was sunny and hot outside. It was a long way back  and when we got back to school we got ready to have lunch. We got something from Miss G it was an ice block and it was cold. Straight after that we all got to go and play at the tennis courts then we got ready to go home because it was nearly home time.

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