Monday, December 2, 2013

Cultural day

Last Friday morning the whole senior school went to mass for Diversity. During term 3 and 4 the seniors did a presentation for different cultures. We started off in room seven we watch them present their group first, it was United Kingdom, then Germany and after that was Greece, then Italy and the last group was Spain.

After our morning tea room 7 and 6 came in to our class for our Google presentations. The first group up was Peru and I was in that group. It was scary and I was nervous when we started. Rachel started first then Patrick then after that it was Joshua then me. After us was Argentina and Brazil then the last group was Colombia. After all of our class had finished it was room 6 to do their presentations. In room 6 was India, Thailand, China and Japan.

After lunch time we all went to the hall for the cultural dances. The first group up was a group from room 7 was United Kingdom then Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain.
I was nervous when we did our dance and I was a bit brave too.   

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