Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Heko Lea

On Wednesday  my school went to Pt England because the crew that named makanalani  was the Heko Lea they Traveled around the around the world with an boat without an system the only thing they use was an sailor to follow where where the wind goes.  

Once the bell rang we all came outside to lineup once we lined up we headed off to down the road to Pt England  on our way my feet felt sore like an arm that broke.

 Once we got there we saw that the crew had already came like an water coming to hightide once we got to the beach we sat behind the Jr once the crew came on to land. An worman said atu and i”
was like confused so once i saw people stand up i stand up too.

After that our student did their haka and the song we sang was called ihirangi after that we watched the crew do their speech. The river that the crew came through was the tamaki river. The End

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