Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Holiday Recount 2015

On a beautiful afternoon my brothers got to go out to watch movies at Sylvia Park.  The movie started at 8.40 before we went we had to dry our church clothes for Saturday.

We headed off to Sylvia Park to buy our tickets.  Just as we paid for our tickets there were only four seats left at the front once it hit 8.35 we handed in our tickets when we entered the cinema it was very quiet.

The movie we wanted to see was Pixel.  Finally it got to 8.40 and the movie started.  I really liked watching it because it had the games Pac Man and Hong Kong in the movie, both those games are very popular.   My favourite part of the movie was when Pac Man came onto earth.  

Later on when the movie finished we waited for my mum to pick us up.   The End    

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