Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

In the afternoon I went home and got ready and then I came to back to school to go to the Telstraclear Centre to perform at the Kids for Kids Concert.

When I got to school I saw Frank, Simeone, Taiwan, Justin, Ocsa and Savelio. We all waited for Mrs Tui for her to come take us to the place. We saw Miss Tui came up with a big, white van and she said “wait out here and I will  get two hats from my Classroom for you to wear”. She came back out and we got inside the van.

When I got inside I sat at the back with Savelio, Ocsa and Justin and Mrs Tui turned on the van and we put on our seatbelts.

Off we went and we were heading along the motorway. I saw Misiotei at the back of us  and then I looked at the front and we were nearly at the Telstraclear Centre.

We went into the parking and there was heaps of cars, vans and then we found a parking spot and we got out of the van and followed Miss Tui to the Telstraclear Centre.
We saw a door in the middle and we walked in there and we saw heaps of children running around and we had to sit down and wait for the children to be quiet.

We had to get in line and head out onto the stage. I had to sit near Frank and we got ready then the curtain open wide and everyone was clapping us.

It was an awesome night.

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