Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Music Evening

On Thursday we had a music evening at the hall. It was full of people and all the children from St Pius X sat at the front we started off with a pray from room two.  

After the prayer we had  a stick song from room one and then some Mum’s and Dad’s came to put money on the children. Girls from Room 7 came and did a Maori dance and then it was room 4 with a dance called ‘the boogie’.
It was room 5’s turn, they played their recorders and some of them played the marimba’s. When they finished it was finally our turn to get up.

When I got up I was nervous because I was in the front with frank and simone. When the music started I was shy because I didn’t like looking at the audience.

My favourite part of the musical evening was when people got money because they were so good.

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